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Posting and Conduct Rules



Posting and Conduct Rules

Welcome to German Helmet Walhalla
This is a forum for Militaria collectors created and managed by people with a genuine passion for military history and artifacts.

Rules Of Conduct

* Members are asked to treat each other with respect. No personal attacks will be tolerated. Lets keep things friendly and civil.
* No Baiting ! What is baiting ? Posting a topic and withholding information or posting a topic to fool the community. Frauds often use this tactic to destabilize online collector communities.

* No Trolls ! What is a troll ? Often newly registered members or members that are not very active in the community that try to discredit other members or want to have arguments about accepted common knowledge.
* Each section can have its own announcement which could contain additional info about the section you are in. Please make sure you check this out.
* The Market square has a special set of rules of its own , please check them out when you have access.
* For obvious reasons we will ask our members not to use nicknames that resemble those of the administrators or moderators.
* Abusive language will not be tolerated nor racist comments.
* For people who like to add a signature please observe some rules : click Here
* For the same reasons that we don't allow grotesque signatures we must also ask you not to use animated avatars.

* This forum is not intended for appraisals , you can always try to contact someone privately for that purpose. We assume that if you want to engage as a collector you already know what these things cost.

* Members are only allowed one account.

Posting Rules

* Picture size requirements must be followed. (800x600 minimum)
* Picture hosting sites are prohibited as images eventually disappear rendering the threads useless. We have a magnificent upload facility which allows for multiple picture uploads in one post.
* Always post in the regular size, color and with the regular font. You are allowed to use larger fonts and colors in Walhalla and the Market Square.
* Never post in CAPITAL letters.
* Each section may only hold threads which are about the subject of that section. Our moderators will move or delete off-topic threads.
* Each thread may only contain posts about the subject of that thread. Off-topic posts can be moved or deleted by the moderators.
* No postings of obscene or discriminating pictures allowed , remember this forum is open to all sexes and ages over 16+.
* To keep the forum readable we don't allow pictures that have nothing to do with the thread or discussion. You can use the forum emoticons for these purposes.
* Threads starting with Links instead of pictures will not be allowed. Links go dead after a while and makes threads useless for future reference.
* Threads without pictures must be avoided , if you have questions about an item it's only normal that we need to see it. In other cases the moderators will decide.
* GHW is not affiliated with any dealers therefore we ask of them not to place links , advertise their site or use the forum as a sales platform.
* In the same vein as above we will not allow members to advertise dealer sites here (spam) ; we do encourage the discussion of items being sold by dealers.
* Threads or posts about forum policy , moderator actions , world politics or other forums are not allowed neither are threads which are set up to create controversy.

The GHW administration will do its utmost to create an enjoyable and interesting environment.
To enforce the forum rules we will make use of the tools provided by the forum software.
We reserve the right to censure and delete posts which are deemed a breach of our rules. We reserve the right to lock or delete threads which we feel have gotten out of control or are not in accordance with forum policy and regulations.
We reserve the right to ban members that do not adhere to our rules.




We are not responsible for the contents of the posts made by our members.
This site does not agree with the ideals of National Socialism in any way.