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Forum Behavior Expectations


A few reminders on our behavior expectations for old and new members alike.

We are a Discussion Forum, NOT a debating forum. Discussion is a cordial give and take, debate is taking a firm position in which there is a winner and a loser, they are not the same thing.

We do not condone shouting others down by way of replying to every single post from other forum members in a thread.

If you have proof a helmet is or is not what it appears please state it. If not, then it is merely your opinion and that means others are entitled to theirs. Allow them the courtesy to state it. 

Forum members are not opponents who are to be bested.

We can agree to disagree here as gentlemen.

Baiting threads are not allowed and will be closed/deleted at the sole discretion of the administrators and the membership status immediately reviewed. Baiting is the worst form of forum behavior and is simply not tolerated. Members are expected to post all relevant information when asking for opinions and not to withhold information that may alter others opinions.

Please respect these simple rules of engagement. It helps to make our forum a pleasant place to interact with fellow collectors, share knowledge and encourages sharing collections.