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GHW2 Posting regulations : Know them before posting


It's very important as a new member that you know how to post and how to conduct yourself on this forum.
Unlike other forums German Helmet Walhalla has a very specific set of regulations.
You'll find we are especially strict when it comes to pictures. Good pictures are liked by all. Bad pictures are often useless.

1) Observe and know the posting rules before you start posting on this forum

2) The best way to make yourself known to the forum is to show some pieces of your collection in separate topics.

3) When posting an item of your collection (for evaluation or show) or if you are looking for advice please use common sense :
- Post detailed pictures (close-ups of decals , liner of a helmet) , our moderators will ask for them if they are not provided.
Failure to comply can result in your topic being removed.
- Post big pictures , size 800x600 or bigger
- Make sure to post all photos of the item to be reviewed , every bit off information is important.
- Post maker, size and lot number.
- On this forum you can add all your pictures in one post.
- Take your time to make a nice presentation , add any info you have. (maker , lotnr)
- Post sharp pictures

4) Participation is a keyword here , to become a permanent member your participation will be evaluated.
- As this is a collectors forum we expect that you create at least one or more topics on this forum.
- Posting repetitive posts to quickly gain access to the protected sections will not be tolerated.

Anymore questions will be answered here : http://www.ghw2.com/forum/25-forum-frequently-asked-questions/