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Membership And Account Information

GHW team puts a lot of effort into this forum this is why we have selected to maintain an active memberlist. With this in mind we have made three member groups :

Temporary membership

* Recruit *

- New members will be in the Recruit member group and when reaching 30+ posts you will become a Veteran member (=Full access to all forums). - We check the accounts once a month , all Recruits members which haven't posted in the forum for two months or that have not been online for a long period are removed without warning.

Participation is measured by posts and topics in the forums that matter

+15 posts gives you access to :
1) View (not post) topics in the Classifieds.
2) The complete German Helmets Reference section except for the Lotnr research forum.
3) The War Room
4) Walhalla

Full membership

* Veteran *

We expect from our Veteran members that they participate on the forum and show items from their collections. People being critical towards others while refusing to post their own collection will not be tolerated.

1) Full access to all forums
2) You can sell in the Market Square
3) Ability to vote in POLLS
4) Much bigger pm storage space
5) Can upload attachments in pm's
6) You can invite two other people into your messages which means you can have a chat with 3.
7) You may use the "shout box"

Note that when you stop posting for a long time your account will change to Absent without Leave (AWOL) , see below.

Restricted membership with option to return to Full membership

* Absent without Leave (AWOL) *

Veteran members who stop posting and remain inactive on the forum will eventually get a AWOL account.
You can still access the forum as usual but this account limits access to several forums and also seriously reduces the amount of storable pm's.
If you want to become a Veteran member again all you need to do is start posting , your status will change to Returning to Active duty.
After making several posts you will retain Veteran membership again.

If you have any questions about this let us know.

GHW Team

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