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  1. The Germans never did that, yes they did!!!

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    2. Martin E

      Martin E

      Just curious, did Ron by chance ever post this helmet?

    3. Andy C.

      Andy C.


        Yes he posted the winter on the WAF, and I think he posted it here. They all liked it.

    4. Martin E

      Get off my lawn!!

  3. andy boy cook on my new police Buckle :wink_2::rolleyes::wink_2:

  4. Salute The Rank, Not The Man.

  5. has not set their status

  6. Just hit about 15 garage sales and no militaria, none to be found:[ the you can catch Reds anytime but I guess the peak time for Redfish would be September. Ultra light rods with 2lb. Test if you're good or a 8-9 weight rod. Bait would be fresh crabs, fish, top water, or plugs. Sight fishing, or wadeing would be the best.

  7. Hey buddy good seeing you at the show, are you going next year? That's a great Vet bring back. Congrats.

  8. Hello Mate, have a chance to pick up a nice olive canvas pith helmet from Ken Ns book. Its the one on pg. 393-394. It was produced in occupied Holland under German specs.

    Really neat helmet, what do you think???

  9. Hey Den i do have a great Green Lufty that you would love, just email me and i will send it to you.