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  1. A member named Ehvisu placed an ad saying he would pay $2000.00 for an untouched model 42 helmet. I contacted him and asked if the ad was right. He answered confirming that it was. I have it in my messages. I took several pictures and sent them and he now says that he doesn't intend to pay that much with several bullsh*t excuses why Cody. It is annoying when individuals knowingly lie. I believe that this guy is a con artist.

    Your friend

    Steve Ray

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    2. CodyG


      I'll ask him to append his ad so as to accurately reflect what he will pay.

    3. CodyG


      Note sent to the guy.


      Thanks for the heads up.

    4. SteveR


      You are a fine man Cody. You must be Irish. :rolleyes: