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  1. RonR



    Really sorry to bother you again at this critical time for you, but cannot figure out the new search function.


    My lack of computer skills is showing again.


    Since you are so busy, no hurry here.


    By the way the new forum upgrades are fantastic!






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  3. It was a real pleasure meeting you in person at the show!

    You are a true gentleman

  4. Thanks Ron for your quick response on my post !

  5. Thanks for adding me as a friend. I always enjoy your postings. Tace care. J

  6. Happy Birthday Ron.

  7. Ron R, thank you for your responses regarding the NSKK dagger! Beautiful ensemble.

  8. Ron, I have a feeling your friend list will regenerate all by itself rather quickly.

    Regards, John

  9. Hello, Ron! Thanks for your message! You're a greaty guy and it is great to be your friend, even if we have never met in person. Best wishes, Scott