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    Fake decals forum.


    Pretty straightforward.


    Pretty straightforward.


    Pretty straightforward.


    Reproduction dome stamps

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      With the below rules we aim for a secure environment with high quality ads.
      Not complying with these rules can result in : Removal of the item for sale Removal of all items for sale Loss of access to the Classifieds section A permanent ban The Rules Camouflaged and wired items need to have been discussed on the forum , the link to the discussion topic needs to be included in the advert. Give a full description of what you are selling , lotnumber and maker are required when selling a German helmet. We expect high quality and detailed photos , minimum size is 800x600. Close-ups of decals are required ! All pictures must be uploaded in your ad. Off forum links are not allowed. State clearly if the item contains reproduction parts or if it was restored. Do not sell items on behalf of others. One item per advert No mention of COA's , they are of no value and GHW doesn't support the use of them. Close your advert when sold , traded or no longer wanted. There's a button 'close advert'. Don't advertise your sales (see forum announcement) Item listed for sale MUST be as it appears in ad, NO SUBSTITUTES ALLOWED All items may be freely discussed in the appropriate discussion forums.
    • Adding Pictures to Topics and Posts   1) Allowed max filesize is 2.1Mb. The recommended width/height for photos is 1024x768. 800x600 sized pics is the smallest size we allow , smaller pictures are not of this century anymore.     2) To add pictures make a new topic or post and click on the button "Choose Files" which is just below the text screen. If you reply to a topic and want to add pictures make sure to click the button 'More reply options' first. This will give you a browser where you can select up to 10 photos that you wish to upload. Select photos by holding the Ctrl key when clicking on them. When you are finished close the browse screen by clicking "Open" (wording depends on what browser you use). The files will be automatically uploaded and attached to your post/topic. (Screenshot #2)   3) If you cannot select more than one file check if ActiveX filtering is activated and turn it off (Menu Extra in Internet Explorer).   4) By adding the picture to the post you can determine the order of the pictures. (screenshot #4) If you do not use this the pictures will be posted in the order you see them below the text box.
    • Dear members ,

      GHW is the place to come to if you want to look at top quality militaria with high quality pictures . Blurry out of focus photos, and photos obscured by glare are not allowed on this forum.   In order to maintain that quality we have to ask everyone to respect our minimum allowed picture size. The minimum picture size we want to see posted on the forum is 800x600. (But bigger is better)
      Smaller pictures are not of this century anymore. The size we can display full screen now is even 1024x768.   When posting photos of helmets, please post both profiles, the interior, the maker, lot number, and size. Decal closeups are mandatory.

      It will benefit you and it will benefit other members. Good large photos will help members appreciate a helmet more , good large photos show more detail and help with an evaluation.
      Our moderators will ask that the minimum size is respected.

      If you need help just let us know.

      Here a comparison where you can instantly see the benefit of larger photos.