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  4. Hello John, I have the Triangular blue silk banner now which you acquired in 2010. Been trying to figure it out. I have had it for a long time, I may even have purchased it from you off of E-bay LOL.:clue:

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    2. stukarick


      Interesting, that is around the time I got it, I have had it along time. It looks cool on the wall LOL it is double sided and I have the better side facing out. When I flipped it to look at it, it was the exact flag you had pictured. Thanks for the info sir !

    3. John B

      John B

      You are welcome, I know it was originally wood worked out of an over seas chest in northern Massachusetts.

    4. stukarick


       Good info. It is in pretty good shape. Silk is bad around the pole but otherwise bright and intact.:icon14:

  5. Russel, I did it, I took a photo of the Japanese SNLF ANCHOR and posted it up just as you finished your post. Check it out and be the first to comment LOL

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    2. RussellM


      Yes, not easy to resist a sneaky peek.  Helmet looks to be in very good condition!

    3. stukarick


        LOL  yes, I think that indicates the helmet cover was probale with the helmet for a long time to protect it. Maybe in awhile I will work up the guts to take cover and net all the way off, but I want good photos to return it to its original condition.:first: You are first to see it after me !

    4. RussellM


      I'm not sure about the net either, same as Scott.  I don't think it is original to the helmet but still looks great.


      Just be very careful sliding the cover off, it will likely be more difficult to get it back on.  It should be fairly easy to tell if it has always been on the helmet, or at least on for a long time.  I think it will be quite clean inside, looking at the visible exterior of the helmet.  Not a lot of paint loss so there shouldn't be a lot of rust staining inside the cover.

  6. Cody,


      Thank you for the Christmas card. Something that most of the world has gotten away from and it's kind of sad. Merry Christmas to you and your family.




    1. CodyG


      Merry Christmas, Sir.



  7. Hello Montgomery,

    Can you write me, i would an information.

    Thank you.


    Best Regards.


    1. Montgomery


      Greetings Dario -- good to hear from you.  Happy to provide information if you need it.


      Best regards,



    2. Riemen95


      Hi Montgomery,


      sorry for delay but i was in holiday.

      I'm interested in your helmet present in your site.

      Best Regards.

  8. Hi Jon,


    The profile name of the guy who would like to buy one or both of your police helmets is: IKY. His real name is Ian. You can message him on here...


    With regards to the show at the Malvern Three Counties Showground the date is Sunday, 19th November 2017. 


    Speak soon.



  9. A member named Ehvisu placed an ad saying he would pay $2000.00 for an untouched model 42 helmet. I contacted him and asked if the ad was right. He answered confirming that it was. I have it in my messages. I took several pictures and sent them and he now says that he doesn't intend to pay that much with several bullsh*t excuses why Cody. It is annoying when individuals knowingly lie. I believe that this guy is a con artist.

    Your friend

    Steve Ray

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    2. CodyG


      I'll ask him to append his ad so as to accurately reflect what he will pay.

    3. CodyG


      Note sent to the guy.


      Thanks for the heads up.

    4. SteveR


      You are a fine man Cody. You must be Irish. :rolleyes:

  10. Thanks, Patrick, for selling me the nice SE68 M35 ex-whitewash camo. A trustworthy seller with excellent communication and accommodation. One of the best!



    1. Patty D

      Patty D

      Thanks Scott, you're a true gent and an absolute pleasure to deal with! Enjoy the helmet :-) 



  11. Living in west France, near from Normandy, spent my first years near from Falaise and Arromanches. I'm very fond of german and US helmets. 52 years old.

  12. MSVN Dagger, Russian front badge and helmet

    I am new at posting pictures here please be patient Fred

    I want $2500 plus tracked shipping for all of it.







  13. cap and inside of cap



  14. More pictures

    Black Shirt with ribbon and cap



  15. testststst
  16. Place your cursor in the search box and click to activate the drop down menu and select "Advanced Search" On the next page, enter your Search Term, Content Type (typically Topics), which forum(s) you wish to search, and then click on Search By Author Enter the Author's name and then click on Search Content
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  18. I have an M35 that was previously owned by a reenactor .  The helmet has been painted over several times with reproduction decals.  I am slowly stripping the accumulated paint off and finding the original finish.  The interior appears to be untouched.  Of course liner and chin strap are reproductions.

    The helmet is stamped EF66.  I am curious if someone can give some information about the lot number which appears to be 4754.  The first digit being rather weak but appears to be a 4










  19. Hello

    I just picked up an amazing  collection from a gentleman who passed in 1976. His collection sat untouched until 2 months ago. 36 rifles, and 4 footlockers filled with tons of daggers and misc ww2 American and German memorabilia. In the bottom of 1 foot locker were 4 lf&c daggers painted green, brass knuckles and pickle haube spikes on end. I was shocked. Ill send a few pics when i slow down a bit.

    1. MAP


      Wow..that is awesome. I would be stoked if I came across that. I can't wait to see photos....and LOTS of them....thanks for reaching out to me



  20. still can't find the classified


  22. Roy,


    Really sorry to bother you again at this critical time for you, but cannot figure out the new search function.


    My lack of computer skills is showing again.


    Since you are so busy, no hurry here.


    By the way the new forum upgrades are fantastic!






  23. Profile photo is of a bronze plaque placed at entrance of Panzer Kaserne by US Army in the 1950's. Panzer Kaserne is considered to be the home of the 8th Panzer Regiment  of the HEER 1939-1945.  I was there on temporary duty during "FTX Flintlock 74".  Panzer Kaserne is still being used by the U.S. Army.

  24. I once killed a six pack.........just to watch it die.

  25. Hi Andrea, can't get any photos up in this new format.What do I do.

    Regards steve

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    2. Shakey


      this is going to take some time getting used to. Right now I don't like it.

    3. sysyphus


      We need time to face the new

      now pics are on line at least.

      getting confidence step by step


    4. sysyphus


      Going to have the same look as before folks. No worries....just be patient 


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