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      ADVERTISING : There's only one place to sell stuff and that's in the Classifieds section. The rest of the forum is for discussion purposes , therefore we ask of the members to refrein from "marketing" OR "advertising" their wares they may have put up for sale or are going to be put up for sale. Members can still post up items in the forum you are gonna sell a day later but don't use the thread as an opportunity to advertise the sale. Those whom we consider dealers will not be allowed this liberty.   SPAM : Our spam rules are clear , like above we won't allow sites that sell militaria to advertise/spam on GHW. This includes members who spam for a dealer intentionally or unintentionally. Consider us as a neutral zone. Apart from a link in your signature spam can be anything else , a watermark , a link in a post , etc ... It will be determined by the administration what will be removed.   DEALERS : As stated throughout the forum, GHW is a free non-sponsored not-for-profit site. As such this forum is not to be used as a selling platform in any way. If you have items for sale use the Classifieds section but don't use the forum to market your new soon to be sold wares. Give your customers the chance to show their precious new pieces on our forum.
    • Schwerpunkt

      GHW2 Posting regulations : Know them before posting

      It's very important as a new member that you know how to post and how to conduct yourself on this forum.
      Unlike other forums German Helmet Walhalla has a very specific set of regulations.
      You'll find we are especially strict when it comes to pictures. Good pictures are liked by all. Bad pictures are often useless.

      1) Observe and know the posting rules before you start posting on this forum

      2) The best way to make yourself known to the forum is to show some pieces of your collection in separate topics.

      3) When posting an item of your collection (for evaluation or show) or if you are looking for advice please use common sense :
      - Post detailed pictures (close-ups of decals , liner of a helmet) , our moderators will ask for them if they are not provided.
      Failure to comply can result in your topic being removed.
      - Post big pictures , size 800x600 or bigger
      - Make sure to post all photos of the item to be reviewed , every bit off information is important.
      - Post maker, size and lot number.
      - On this forum you can add all your pictures in one post.
      - Take your time to make a nice presentation , add any info you have. (maker , lotnr)
      - Post sharp pictures

      4) Participation is a keyword here , to become a permanent member your participation will be evaluated.
      - As this is a collectors forum we expect that you create at least one or more topics on this forum.
      - Posting repetitive posts to quickly gain access to the protected sections will not be tolerated.

      Anymore questions will be answered here : http://www.walhalla....hp?showforum=25
    • Schwerpunkt

      GHW2 aims for High Quality content - Photos need to be 800 x 600 in size or bigger

      Dear members ,   Please read more here. http://www.walhalla....showtopic=20720
    • RoyA

      Forum Behavior Expectations   04/25/2017

      A few reminders on our behavior expectations for old and new members alike. We are a Discussion Forum, NOT a debating forum. Discussion is a cordial give and take, debate is taking a firm position in which there is a winner and a loser, they are not the same thing. We do not condone shouting others down by way of replying to every single post from other forum members in a thread. If you have proof a helmet is or is not what it appears please state it. If not, then it is merely your opinion and that means others are entitled to theirs. Allow them the courtesy to state it.  Forum members are not opponents who are to be bested. We can agree to disagree here as gentlemen. Baiting threads are not allowed and will be closed/deleted at the sole discretion of the administrators and the membership status immediately reviewed. Baiting is the worst form of forum behavior and is simply not tolerated. Members are expected to post all relevant information when asking for opinions and not to withhold information that may alter others opinions. Please respect these simple rules of engagement. It helps to make our forum a pleasant place to interact with fellow collectors, share knowledge and encourages sharing collections.


  1. General Forum Information Section

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    1. Forum Frequently Asked Questions

      Check here if you have a question about becoming a member , your account , posting pictures or anything else.

    2. New members - Introduce Yourself Here !

      New at the forum ? Planning to stay and participate ? Introduce yourself here.

    3. Photography : Tips and Tricks

      Good photos are essential to get reliable feedback , here you can learn how to improve your photographic skills.

      • MAP
  2. German Helmet Forums

    1. German Pickelhaubes

      Pickelhauben, Tschapkas, Tschakos, Metalhelme, Pelzmützen and Uberzüge.

    2. German & Austrian Steel Helmets 1916 - 1918

      Post here your World War 1 helmets.

    3. Transitional Combat Helmets 1919 - 1945

      Forum for M16 - M18 helmets and Austrian models used in the Interbellum (post World war 1) and during the Third Reich period.

    4. 261,041
    5. Third Reich Lightweight Helmets

      This is the forum for all lightweight helmets : Gladiator helmets , Beaded Luftschutz/Polizei helmets , M34's , Fiber helmets , M18 commercial style , children's helmets and any other type.

    6. For Reference : Original Decals , Chinstraps, Liners and Lotnumber database

      The best online picture database. Need to study decals ? This is the place.

      Members can only post in the Members Contributions sub forum. Other sub forums are purely for reference purposes.

    7. For Reference : FAKES AND REPRODUCTIONS

      Members cannot post in these sub forums they are purely meant for reference.

  3. Third Reich period Militaria

    1. SS Uniforms and Soft Headgear

      This forum is dedicated to the uniforms , visors , caps and insignia of the SS.
      * Other SS items should be posted in the corresponding forums *

      • iky
    2. Third Reich Visors , Caps and Pith helmets

      Schirmmütze , feldmütze and other German cloth headgear.
      * Post SS items in our SS Uniform section below *

    3. Wehrmacht Uniforms and Related Items

      This forum deals with uniforms or anything related like shoulder boards , buckles , boots , armbands etc...
      * SS uniforms should be posted in our specialised SS forum *

    4. Awards , Medals and Badges

      Knight's crosses , Iron crosses , Combat badges and any other period awards or pins.

    5. Edged Fighting Weapons & Dress Daggers and Swords

      Post here your daggers , bayonets and swords.

    6. Weapons , Personal Field Equipment and Flags

      From pistols to machine guns , gasmasks , binoculars , canteens , ...

  4. Imperial German Militaria

    1. Imperial Medals & Badges 1842-1918

      Medals, badges, documents and commemorative items.

    2. Weapons & Field Equipment, 1842-1918

      Firearms, swords, bayonets, gasmasks, binoculars, canteens, etc.

  5. Headgear of Other Nations

    1. U.S. , British and Commonwealth Headgear (WW1 - WW2)

      Berets , M1's , Paratrooper helmets and more ...

    2. Adrian Helmets of all Countries

      This section is dedicated to the Adrian helmet

    3. Japanese headgear (WW2)

      Headgear of the Imperial Japanese forces.

    4. Italian and Russian headgear (WW1 - WW2)

      Italia and Russian headgear!

    5. Miscellaneous Headgear (pre WW1 - 1945)

      Headgear (helmets and cloth headgear) which does not belong in any of the above sections can be posted here.

      • Mats
  6. Other Nations Militaria (pre WW1 - 1945)

    1. US , British and Commonwealth Militaria

      Post here all militaria related to the above countries. For headgear we have a separate forum.

    2. Japanese Militaria

      Please note that for headgear we have a separate forum.

    3. Militaria of Other Nationalities

      Militaria of all other countries can be shown and discussed here.

  7. The Collectors Barracks

    1. The Aerodrome

      All Nations Aviation 1914-1945. Flight crew clothing and equipment (helmets, caps, goggles, oxygen masks, jackets, air crew wings), accessories (navigation computers, maps, escape compasses, life vests, parachutes), aircraft and parts (communication equipment, instruments etc), personality groupings, ephemera.

      • iky
    2. Battlefield Relics

      A place to discuss and post battlefield archeology and relics. Post your relic helmets, field gear, medals, weapons, etc here.
      **Note, threads and posts viewed as disrespectful to the fallen will be deleted by the mods/Admin.**

      • iky
    3. Memorabilia

      This forum will hold all non militaria items like soldbuchs and other documents , photos, posters , coins , porcelain , etc.

    4. Members' Militaria Collections

      A strictly Veteran members section , show us your collections in this forum.

      (Not an discussion section, please use the correct sections to post discussion topics/posts)

    5. The War Room

      In this section you can post anything pre WW1 - WW2 related. Share your pictures of battlefield trips , restored vehicles , relics , post book/movie or website reviews. Talk about battles and the men that fought them.

    6. Walhalla

      Let the Valkyries take you to this sacred place where you can discuss non-forum related topics amongst the Gods